designDATA has carefully selected themes and expert speakers who will share their insights surrounding current technology and hybrid work trends. Through this learning experience, you will be empowered and inspired to bring back this knowledge to your own organization and team and stay equipped during this evolving time. 


November 16th (virtual sessions):


Rebecca Achurch and Rae Ann Johnson present
Prioritizing Policies for Remote Work Success



Derek Symer and Emily Short present
Game Planning Cyber Risk and Insurance




November 16th (live, in-person session):

02:00pm - 05:00pm


November 17th (virtual sessions):


Erik Haas presents
Rethinking the Way We Work 



Dan Shapiro & Christie Minch present
Office Space Trends in a Hybrid Work Environment



Jonathan Roy presents
New Hybrid Cybersecurity Model 


Virtual Learning Conference: Hybrid Work (November 16th, 2022)


While "hybrid" might sound like the perfect compromise between work-from-office (WFO) and work-from-home (WFH) models, a successful transition requires intentionality. Without an intentional approach to workplace transition, leaders risk instituting arbitrary reasons for their policies. Employees will quickly see through their veneer and cry foul. To help leaders create hybrid-remote policies and procedures that are equitable, legal and embrace an inclusive culture, Rebecca will share actionable tips and "secrets" to optimize your burgeoning hybrid workplace. Takeaways include:

  • The foundational work required to make all remote workforce models successful 
  • Best practices for ways to legally define roles applicable to remote work
  • The difference between "equality" and "equity" and how understanding that distinction contributes to the inclusiveness of hybrid-remote policies 
  • How to avoid creating two different cultures of employees: remote vs. on-site 
  • Best practices to evaluate the long-term impact of remote work on your staff and organization 


Cyber insurance is a complicated portion of an organization’s overall risk management strategy and insurance portfolio. Persistent cyber threats and market stress are causing more organizations to pay attention to cyber risk management. In this session, attendees will be learning about common situations that result in the triggering of cyber insurance. We will examine several best practices for reporting and managing cyber incidents and discuss lessons learned through many years of managing complex cyber claims. Attendees will better understand how their cyber insurance policy fits into the broader insurance portfolio, and how to plan for cyber incidents before they happen. Because proactive measures taken now can often result in more effective management of cyber events later, we will explore several case studies and examples that highlight these best practices.


When you hear about prosperous milestones and growth, you cannot help but feel good. Seeing others succeed can help bolster fresh motivation and inspiration. For this section, we will be spotlighting key success stories within our network. We will highlight the journeys of people who have championed hybrid work and technology obstacles, as well as discuss how they are tackling the challenges of the shifting workplace. You will not want to miss this, as you will be exposed to personal and authentic stories.  

In-Person Networking Event (November 16th, 2022 from 2:00 p.m - 5:00 p.m.)



Learn about how designDATA is partnering with leading vendors in the cybersecurity space to ensure the safety and security of flexible work strategies for organizations. 



The last few years have presented a myriad of challenges for all of us - from business leaders to the day-to-day staff running daily operations. With no settled norms, navigating the shifting workplace landscape poses a challenge to all of us. Matt will take this time to speak to these current challenges, addressing:

How is designDATA planning to navigate these challenges internally?

What were the major lessons learned over the last few years?

What is the designDATA team most excited about as we move forward and pave the way for functional hybrid work teams?



While enjoying food and drinks, this part of the agenda is dedicated to networking with other industry professionals and attendees. Get to know one another, and use this time to your advantage! We encourage you to have personal conversations, and to explore the benefits and challenges that have come with the changes in our current workplaces.

Tower Club

Located in stunning Vienna, VA, The Tower Club Tysons Corner will be housing our in-person networking event. Since 1989, this venue has welcomed families, friends and businesses with open arms and is known for its national networking opportunities and benefits for business events. They offer programming and dining services, and we are grateful that they are housing this pinnacle event.  

Virtual Learning Conference: Securing the Workforce (November 17th, 2022)


It’s no secret that hybrid work is here to stay. This trend in the workplace was accelerated by the pandemic, but it wasn’t driven by it. Whether fueled by long commutes, family needs, or mental health, people have been pushing for more flexibility in the workplace for decades. Now that it’s here to stay, how do organizations empower flexible work while moderating the pace of change? This is not an insignificant challenge. Hybrid work increases complexity, and although there are frameworks available to think it through, there are no settled norms or universal best practices. 

In this session, Erik explores how to address these flexible work challenges strategically to avoid change overload, information silos, low adoption rates for new tools, and staff burnout.


Not only has the pandemic shifted the workplace model, but the office environment too. Before the pandemic, when you heard the word “office,” you may have thought of quiet cubicles, “water-cooler” chats in the lunch room and traditional boardrooms, with 60% of work being focus-based. Today, it looks a lot different, as collaboration now accounts for 50%-60% of working styles in an office. Envision meeting rooms with long tables, whiteboards and better audio/visual technology. Picture hotelling stations instead of cubicles and fewer people making the commute every day. With this new way of working, it is essential that an organization’s office is set up strategically so that teams can complete tasks in the most productive and cost-efficient manner.

In this session, based on their expert insight and case studies, Dan Shapiro and Christie Minch will pull back the curtain, showcasing how you and your team can set up your hybrid office in a way that will lead you to success and growth.


Cybersecurity threats have been rapidly evolving since the turn of the century, but the pandemic and the sharp increase in remote work have super-charged that evolution.  Cybersecurity strategies based on securing the perimeter collapsed overnight when the perimeter itself disappeared: No longer are all of your staff, applications and data within a single office protected by a firewall.  Your staff are working out of their homes, your data is in the cloud and the office that was once the hub of all business is becoming less essential.  With many aspects of remote work here to stay, it is necessary for the leaders of your organization to revisit and refresh their views on cybersecurity. 

Here are some main session touch points:

how the evolving business environment over the last 2+ years has impacted the cybersecurity landscape for information-based associations, non-profits and businesses 

Explore which specific cybersecurity risks have increased (or decreased) the likelihood and financial impact as a result of these evolutions  

Learn which business policies, staff training and security tools and services you need to revisit and recalibrate  

Know what cybersecurity controls you need to prioritize with your IT team, accounting team, data teams and human resources team to ensure your organization remains protected from modern cybersecurity threats